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What is PI?

Process improvement (PI)  is the disciplined development and enhancement of a task, function, or process.

What does PI involve?

PI involves the disciplined assessment of how a task or function is performed while depicting different aspects of how the process could be enhaced.

Who is involved in a PI project?

A PI project engages different members to ensure a complete understanding of how the task or function is performed at all organization levels.In addition, it is usual to have the help, coordination, and involvement of outside experts.

What does PI enable?
  • Better understand how a task, function, or process works

  • Simplify and improve services

  • Identify new techniques that can improve your services

  • Apply the best available technology to substitute for or augment the work of staff and lawyers

What is the purpose of an LSC Technology Initiative Grant?

LSC Technology Initiative Grants seek to improve legal services delivery to the low-income population and increase access by low-income persons to high-quality legal services, the judicial system, and legal information.

Is my organization eligible for an LSC Technology Initiative Grant?

LSC Technology Initiative Grants are available for organizations listed here. Organizations that are not eligible to apply are encouraged to participate as project partners.

What sort of organizations does LSC fund?

LSC-funded programs help people who live in households with annual incomes below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines.


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